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Dry Ice FAQ


Many of EMI’s products require frozen shipping and storage. We ship these products in insulated boxes with dry ice.

Loss Rate – Dry ice will sublimate at a rate of 8 to 10 pounds every 24 hours in ambient temperatures. For optimal use, the product should be delivered and stored in a freezer as quickly as possible. EMI uses insulated boxes in various sizes to ship these products. These boxes will help keep the product inside frozen for anywhere from 1 day (our smallest insulated box to be used for domestic United States shipments) to 10 days in transit (our largest insulated box to be used for international shipments).

Safety – Dry ice is a safe product when the best practices are followed. However, most people are not experienced in the proper handling of dry ice and may not be aware of what those best practices entail. The internet has information regarding handling dry ice.

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