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Medical Devices

EMI’s mCast medical products of adhesives and hydrophilic coatings cure quickly either with UV or visible light and are available with secondary heat cure capabilities for shadowed areas in assemblies. Our products are tested both t the USP Class VI and cytotoxicity biocompatibility standards to help with device submissions.


The different viscosities available help with the dispensing control required in the ever more precise medical device assembly requirements and form strong bonds with a range of cure properties from flexible to rigid depending, with excellent moisture resistance. Fluorescent tracers are available as well.


  • Flexible curing with bulb-based UV curing or LED systems visible light and heat.
  • All or products are solvent free
  • We offer UV cure epoxy formulations for exceptional moisture resistance
  • Cosmetically clear bonds to plastics metals glass and ceramic materials
  • We offer in-house bond testing to help with adhesive selection
  • Compatible with current sterilization methods

See mCAST product offerings that will meet your specific application


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Our core adhesives offerings of epoxies and other adhesives for Electronics and general adhesive applications

Featuring very low levels of ionic contamination and exceeding the requirements of NASA Reference Publication 1124 on outgassing, the following materials are ideally suited to a variety of electronic applications. Additionally, EMI offers acrylate based UV cure materials, single and two component thermal cure epoxy adhesives. Customized formulations and packaging are also available.




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Fiber Optic

All OPTOCAST products are designed for fast, precision bonding and aligning of optoelectronic devices
and components


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Conformal Coatings

The EMCAST 1900 Series of UV curable epoxies represent a new
generation of conformal coatings; all are 100% solids, contain no solvents
and are curable with long wave ultra violet light.

190o Series Brochure

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